Before mom convinced me there was no future in computers and I should train to be a chemist, I was a dual major in chemistry and computer science.  I still do both, along with electronics that I learned in graduate school.  Below are some “projects” in both areas.



winderThis is a pickup winder.  The motor is salvaged from a battery powered hand-drill.  Center section is the speedometer/tachometer/turn counter sensor.  A CD with a black tape strip and a opto-electronic reflective sensor.  All are hooked up to an Arduino for speed control, turn count, and interaction.

P1000400 P1000399A bit of a black hole for time.  A readout for our weather center.  Mostly works.  It was easier to buy a second one, but fun tinkering with RF electronics and arduinos.

IMG_0027When my wife and I were taking America Sign Language, I developed this pythonista -based app for the iPad to do flashcards.  Its general, but since I am not talking ASL right now, it on the shelf in terms of more general usage.  The guts are available here.

Most recently I have released ChordCalculus, an iPad tool for the multi-instrumentalist.

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